Thursday, October 17, 2013

Face Swap Using Photoshop

This is the original photograph that I pulled from the Internet. It was found by Googling "two people" and looking through the images.

This is the photograph after I used Photoshop to switch the heads of the three men. Even after careful examination, it's still kind of hard to tell the difference between the original and the fake.
I took an image from the Internet to swap the heads of the people in the picture, and this picture was perfect for the activity. I used this link for instructions on how to actually perform the face swap: How to do a Face Swap in Photoshop. In a quick summary, you use the lasso tool to move the heads into general positions, then use the selection tool to cut off the excess background. By fine tuning some parts of the heads through changing their brightness and blurring the background, the new photo now resembles a completely different picture than the original. The activity was a blast to do and I thought I did a pretty good job of doing the face swaps. When I was finished with my new picture, I kind of liked it more than the original!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Color Project

The three objects that I chose for my Color Project were three characters that I really love and represent me. Their names from left to right are, Twisted Fate, an amazing character in the online game League of Legends, Iron Man, from the Iron Man series, and a Jedi Knight, from Star Wars. Twisted Fate has a smugness that I (think) I have and he also represents my love for gaming, Iron Man represents my interest in sci-fi, especially sci-fi that could be possible, like the making of his suit, and Jedis are very dear to my heart because of my name, plus I really enjoy the Star Wars movies. I used color pencils of a variety of hues to give my drawing its color. The reason I chose to use color pencils is similar to the reason I chose to use marker as my medium for the Name Project (see earlier post). Color pencils allow for more precision for coloring inside the lines, which were also outlined with black color pencil. The definite shapes along with the ability to show color contrast makes using color pencils a strong choice to choose when wanting to draw realistically, which is what I wanted when I started this project. However, if I had the chance to redo the project, I would use pastels to color my background instead of color pencils in order to give it a smoother look; smooth backgrounds are generally more pleasing to the eye than "choppy" backgrounds.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Name Project

The color scheme I used for my name project was complimentary colors. Specifically, I used the colors blue and orange, because I felt like that the two colors provided the coolest contrast. For my medium, I used markers to draw my name, using a lot of straight lines and connected triangles inside the letters to provide a more disorganized look. The use of markers allowed for more details and more precision, especially when drawing all of the triangles. If I had used pastels, my name would have had more blending of colors rather than the definite shapes I wanted to create.