Art 1 Final Portfolio

Describe a project where the choices you made regarding material, size, technique, etc. helped enhance this project.

When we were given the choice of choosing basically any medium (material) to use for our perspective piece, I thought about drawing the title of Frozen, the recently made Disney movie. Once I had the idea, I immediately thought about using blue chalk or oil pastels so I could mix blues and create a smooth and snow-like appearance. I was also glad that I was able to use such a large sheet of paper so that the letters would really pop out and could easily be seen even from a distance. Another positive effect of having large letters was that it gives people a grand and majestic feel. I was so excited to use chalk pastels to create the letters and the colors. Dark blue chalk pastel was first used to outline and bold the letters by pressing hard on the paper. Then I lightly added some blue chalk pastel in the inside of the letters. After adding light blue pastel around the letters, I used my fingers to smear all of the colors together, smearing them in the direction of their vanishing points on the left and right side of the paper, which gives it the appearance of being 3D, where the letters form two walls coming together and the edge is between the "O" and the "Z". For a finishing touch and the final enhancement of my project, I used a purple pastel, which is an analogous color of blue (meaning next to each other on the color wheel), to outline the border and the corners as well. When smeared with the other colors, the result is a beautiful two-point perspective of FROZEN, and a complimentary border to go with it.

Choose a place or artwork where the subject matter reflects you as an artist. One that you have a personal connection to. Please explain.  

My contour piece depicting Las Vegas is definitely a subject matter that reflects me as an artist. My family went to the west coast of the US for summer vacation last year and we visited many famous places, such as the Grand Canyon and the gambling city of Las Vegas. I drew this piece especially for a gift for my dad, who was our driver and took us all around Vegas. I was very happy with myself when I finally finished this piece. I think I captured exactly what Vegas looks like and feels like with my drawing, wild, disorganized, imperfect, yet stable. Vegas was extremely showy, with great tall buildings, and every night the whole city lit up like a Christmas tree with the hustling and bustling of people never ceasing as the night went on. I believe that my personality allowed for appreciation of the Vegas nightlife and allowed me to portray that through the piece as an artist. The random lines show the contours of the buildings and ground, as well as showing different values, or shades, of the buildings and their shadows. The Las Vegas sign in the top left corner is also emphasized because it is the only object in the piece with words and without any contour lines within it. The picture also has a cool vanishing point in the top right corner, emphasized by the road in the center of the piece. Every time I look at this piece I am again reminded of our trip to the West and our amazing experiences in Vegas, even if it was always stifling hot. I can't help but think about how I've traveled through and to all of the roads and casinos that I drew in the piece, along with all of the great buffets and food Las Vegas had.

Which project was your most successful? Describe the theme and or topic and the process you went through to complete the project.

Even though I feel as though I had many successful projects through my journey of the Visual Arts I course, I believe that my 3D clay project of the Protoss symbol from the game StarCraft II was the most successful project of all. One reason for this is that I was extremely surprised at how well it turned out. When Ms. Sudkamp passed back the completed clay pieces I couldn't believe that my piece looked so much more professional and cooler than I had initially expected. I've always admired the Protoss symbol, so much so that it is also my profile picture for Twitter. Along with playing StarCraft II and the Protoss race for about a year, I had always envisioned making a clay piece depicting the Protoss logo. It all started with a ball of clay cut from a clay block. After rolling it out and creating a square tile, I cut out out the Protoss logo making it raised along with the words "PROTOSS" to the left of the symbol. After I accidentally broke off two corners, I had to reattach them using the score and slip method, which consisted of scoring the two pieces, making marks on them and making their surfaces rough, and then applying slip, "watery clay", to join the two fallen off corners back onto the tile. Once I finished carving out the symbol and letters, the clay tile was then sent to the kiln, the oven used to bake, or fire, the clay. After it was fired once, I was able to paint all of the colors of the Protoss race, black, blue, and yellow, along with a complimentary white. When it was fired a second time, I glazed it to make it shiny and also to protect it. After the glaze dried, I was left with an awesome piece that I was extremely proud of, making it my most successful project in Visual Arts I.

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