Monday, September 16, 2013

Realism Project Art 1

The Gaming Shot

I've always loved to play video games and have recently started to play online pc games competitively. The monitor depicts a screen from the game Starcraft II, the mouse is a gaming mouse by Fierce, and the keyboard is a Blackwidow Ultimate made by Razer.

The Soccer Closeup

I've been playing soccer since I was in first grade and I love playing it. I play defense in soccer and it has always been my main sport because I love to run. The drawing above shows a closeup of a soccer ball in front of a goal.

The Flute Table

I've been playing the flute since sixth grade when I joined the band at Salem Middle School. I enjoy playing it immensely and it's also a crucial part of my life, especially now that I'm part of the marching band at Apex High. The drawing depicts the flute itself on a table with all of its details, but also its case and some sheet music. The values used in the piece make the emphasis on the flute very clear.

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