Saturday, December 7, 2013


For my perspective piece named "Frozen", I used two-point perspective, where there are two vanishing points, one on the left and one on the right. This gives an illusion of an edge in the center between the "O" and the "Z" where the two "letter walls" are coming together. To start my piece, I drew the center line in the middle of the paper, and drew four diagonal lines to the vanishing points using a ruler. Then, I measured off how much space each letter could take up, where the "O" and "Z" could take up the most space, and the "F" and "N" could take up the least space in order for it to have a two-point perspective effect. After drawing all of the letters with a pencil, I used chalk pastels to color the piece after erasing unneeded pencil marks. I obviously used blue pastels to represent snow and ice, but I also threw in a bit of purple on the border because purple and blue are analogous colors. Smearing and rubbing the pastels afterwards smoothed the colors out and made the letters pop out, the finishing touch to the piece.

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