Saturday, December 7, 2013

Shadow Art

Shadow Art from Day 1

Shadow Art from Day 2

For our shadow art, we used numerous of objects to create shadows, including wine bottles, a skull, a phone, Popsicle sticks, string, diamond, and a PVC pipe with tape on it (see if you can find them in the shadows!). I thought the PVC pipe with tape was really neat and was a surprisingly good idea because when put against the projector with one end of it, the shadow on the board looked like a cross-hair. Hence why the first picture looks like we're duck hunting. Although not represented in the pictures, one image we created had a green background and water-like effect that was made by placing a sprite bottle that was cut open over the projector light, giving the skull a more evil look. The hardest and most difficult part about the project would probably be the idea part of it. It was hard to come up with initial idea of what to do, but once we had an idea, it was quite easy to piece together the necessary items to form the right shadows. Day 2 pictures were most definitely better than Day 1, we had a lot more variety of items to work with and the skull was fun to use as well.

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